"My attention was captured from the beginning to the end of this book!  The author, Miranda Mayer, knows how to spin a great tale..." -- Reader Views.

"Tinna's Promise is a compelling story-a very richly detailed fantasy..."-- Euro-Reviews

"First-time author Miranda Mayer takes an ambitious leap into creating an original fantasy world. Her characters have realistic flaws, and the story has a gritty, human quality to it that makes it one of the more exceptional fantasy books I’ve read this year. -- Odyssey Reviews

"The descriptions of the cities and places Tinna and Rhoa pass through capture the imagination and made me feel like I was right there with the women. I loved the complexity of the world we are introduced to as the women travel across the country to get back to their home." -- Front Street Reviews/Confessions of a Literary Persuasion

Tinna’s Promise is an intriguing fantasy, filled with fascinating characters and creatures that populate this imaginary world. Filled with adventure, Tinna’s quest leads her into challenging situations, unknown places, and causes her to make almost impossible changes in herself and the world she lives in. I’m recommending this as a satisfying novel for all fantasy lovers --American Authors Association