Monday, April 8, 2019

The Red Slipper Series is going audio, and there's a new addition to the series!

The Seed of Winden paperback is now available on Amazon. The eBook will be available at the end of April. 

Nieve spent her entire life in the dry, lifeless lands of the desert, a girl out of place in her own country. Her aunt’s recent marriage allows them to move to the one remaining patch of green in the known world—a lush, vibrant oasis that sits upon a plateau, guarded by manpower and magic. This land is everything she hoped for, a place she finally feels at home.

Tammin Halenwood was born into power and privilege, a son of one of the greenland’s noblest families. His attraction to Nieve is as strange as it is immediate. But it is their visit to the mysterious stones atop Winden Hill that seals their fates.

The act of stepping into the magical circle together sets off a chain of events that endangers the greenlands and exposes the land to the curse of the hungry, living sands. As the desert encroaches into this last vestige of life, destroying everything in its path, it is up to Nieve and Tammin alone to break the curse and save their world from being consumed by the sand.
The Seed of Winden

...and finally, Audible users, the first of the Red Slipper Series is about to be launched in audio! YAYS! Talented voice actor Yvette Keller has brought the brooding Arnsword and sweet Ynith to life, along with the other characters we've all come to love! She's fabulous! A link will be soon provided once production is tied up. Woohoo!

In other news, I will be at the Jane Austen Tea and Fair in Aurora Oregon on April 26 and 27, 2019 again. I will be hawking the Red Slipper Series, with it pretty new matching covers, the Audiobook project and also the line of Red Slipper Complementary Teas, two of which you will be able to obtain for yourself. So come and see me and Yvette Keller too!

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