Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What's new?

Hello all. I've been a bit preoccupied by the Portland Wizard World Comic Con, and then life itself, which also tends to take over. Especially for new(ish) moms.  The Wizard King has had its release and it is being received very well. I hope it continues! I have a few projects on the fire including book 3 of the Trilogy of Tinna; Tinna's Reign, which is being padded out and revised before I send it to be edited.

The third and final cover by Abigail Larson. :)
The second project i'm working on, but is at present only about a 1/4 written is the House of Black. It is a story of a little witch by the name of Kimber and her battle to save her sisters and her house from attack by an ancient enemy.

Long before the days of old,
When ic-ed skies bore naught but cold,
When crops did wither and war did rage,
Were born the saviours of this age.

Tamed the land, the beasts, the dead
Did light and dark and vibrant red.
Holders of the mother’s gift
From despair they did us lift.

But virtue ruled with golden mane
And enemies the three were named.
Driven into secrecy,
Were the mother’s gifted three.

Hunted by their very own,
The Gifted now must live unknown.
Gilded swords were raised to fight,
To end the Black, the Red, the White.
And finally, it's so new I haven't even begun to work on the cover, I am working on 'Wolven' -- which is not about werewolves, and also dabbling into the idea of another book for the Wizard King world.