Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Some illustrations from Tinna's Might.

I originally commissioned some illustrations for Tinna's Might but changed my mind during the final editing process.  I didn't want to waste these images, and thought they'd be a nice supplement for readers to refer to when reading Tinna's Might.  Here you go:

Tinna with dogs Therta & Reega.

Jestin and the knight get into a brawl.

Avria stirs up the beesnest with a simple gown.

Eleran seeks aide from above.

Jestin seeks Sennal's audience.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fresh off the press... again. :)

Softcover and hardcover of book 2, Tinna's Might. Cover by Abigail Larson.
They're finally here... the 'printing proofs' I've been waiting for. The soft-cover and the hardback. These are already available through Barnes & Noble and Amazon; however at B & N, the hardcover comes at a significant discount ($27 normally, $20 on B&N).

The prints look good, I'm busy skimming through them for issues, but they seem to be in order so far.  The covers are so beautiful.  They came from separate printers so there is a small variation in the tones between the two, but it looks nice regardless.

The book has also just been approved for Smashwords' premium catalog, which means that it will be available as an eBook on a variety of channels including iBooks/Apple, Sony, B&N Nook, and more. I also set it up as a Kindle book on Amazon. The eBook is $3.99. At present it's only posted on Amazon as a Kindle book and on, but it will begin to appear on the other sites at length.