About the Author

The Authoress Herself. :)
Miranda Mayer is a tree without roots. Raised by culturally diverse parents, brought up in the heart of Europe, thrown unceremoniously into the US in her twenties and left in a state of culture-shock; to this day, Miranda has no idea where she really belongs. She may never discover that place.

Miranda can speak four languages.  She has a penchant for the past, and is an avid historic costumer. She has been an equestrian all her life, and currently owns a rather large and demanding Belgian draught horse who throws her often and keeps her in check.  She is currently attempting to train the obstinate horse to for side-saddle.

Miranda is addicted to Jane Austen, requires an all-you-can-eat buffet of reading material, and has recently discovered the delights of her Nook.  She is also a proud self-professed geek and enjoys many geek-related activities and entertainments, including her costuming, her obsession with Star Trek and its many franchises, the Whedonverse, BSG and Caprica and Star Wars of course.  She is a huge fan of The Guild to boot--but she does not venture into any MMOs, because she remembers losing a good portion of her mid-twenties being absorbed into Battle.Net (with dial-up no less!) and becoming dangerously vitamin-D deficient.  She is not quite the kind that is courageous enough to be found wearing Princess-Leia gear at a convention, but she is hard-core enough to endure an entire marathon of the Star Trek movies in one sitting and can sometimes be found watching the entire Firefly series on a binge.

Miranda's stories range from Science Fiction to Urban Fantasy to Fantasy.  Her first venture into the published world arrived in the form of the Trilogy of Tinna, however there are several more projects on the burner waiting for their moment.

Miranda is an affable, warm hearted person with a forthright, and often quirky sense of humour. She writes from her heart, and tries very hard to make her characters are real and three-dimensional as possible.  Her unpredictable and rather Attention-Deficit-Disordered nature guarantees that her stories will take you to unexpected places.