Monday, August 13, 2012

Radio Silence Explained

Hello all.  I know, I haven't been very chatty lately. I haven't been very creative either. Just after Tinna's Might was published, I discovered I was pregnant. Go figure. :)  Of course, with pregnancy comes the requisite trials and tribulations, starting with morning sickness and sore ta-tas to migraines and a desire to do little more than sleep.  Yes, I over-share. Live with it. :D

It is timely that I am with child when my heroine is also faced with this surprise at the same age as the author. Maybe it was a foreshadowing, maybe I'm a little bit psychic. Hah!  I have been writing, but sporadically. I've set aside book 3 for a bit, I am taking a break from Tinna's world for now, since Tinna's Might is still fresh on the market.  I'm focusing instead on a couple of other stories I've been working on.  I am finding inspiration difficult lately, but it's slowly coming back.

Hopefully I'll have some new titles available soon enough. I'm particularly happy with one book I'm working on right now, and look forward to sharing it with readers.  For now, I'm moderately quiet, except on my Facebook page, where I get a little too riled up by political and religious matters. I tend to be a bit of a blusterer--but I am a fiery character and I get worked up about the world around me. It's the blight of an writer, to be honed into the world a little too deeply.

Those of you who have purchased Tinna's Might, please don't forget to post your reviews on your preferred bookselling site... It's selling nicely in spite of my complete lack of marketing, so that's a good sign, but I'm only getting star reviews on some eBook sites, and I'd like to see what readers have to say. Writers (most writers) benefit greatly from reader feedback. Even the tough stuff. That doesn't mean I'm calling out open season of evilness, but I do hope you'll be objective in your review.

Thanks again for being supportive readers! I appreciate everything you do to keep me going as a writer, and I hope I'll have more stories to offer you soon.  And thank you for your patience while we waited out the editing process for Tinna's Might.  Ping me on Twitter or Facebook, I am responsive and always happy to chat it up.

Here is a lovely GIF of a children's book that I think every family should own. :)