Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Fresh Start

Tinna's Promise has been available and published for three years this March. Part of my effort to focus more on my creative side, I've decided Tinna needs a revamp; and that includes my long-neglected website and everything else that fell by the roadside when life got in the way. Hey, it happens to all of us. :)

Part of this revamp means a new look for the original book in what is becoming the Tinna series. This includes a new cover design by artist Abigail Larson (extremely talented young lady) who has also provided me with a design for book two in the Tinna series; Tinna's Might. Yes, I have been working on this book as well--and I am striving to get it finished, pre-edited, then fully edited before the end of this year (ambitious considering how things have been going creatively for me... but I am trying!). The new covers have injected new fire in my veins and reinvigorated my little lost writing muse.

So I created this blog to make myself accountable for my promises. And promises are pivotal in my world, and in Tinna's world.

So it begins. :::sigh:::


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