Saturday, November 30, 2013

A giveaway that you should not miss!

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Greetings all!

I've thrown in with a group of independent authors whose works feature strong, female characters.  I have always admired strong women in fiction, and have always striven to stray away from the archetype wilting violet, waiting for the world to rescue her.  Some of my girls may start off seemingly helpless or frail, but in almost all my books, all you have to do is watch as each of my ladies finds her source of power and uses it to steer her own fate.  There are no Bella Swans in my books, and there are no cookie-cutter, hot-tempered silly putty romance novel milquetoasts in any of the books being offered in this giveaway (at least we hope!)

There are (count 'em) 23 authors participating in this giveaway, offering a total of 29 books to the winner(s).  Tinna's Promise and Tinna's Might are in there with the prize package, which also includes gift cards and other lovely things.  The winner gets two hard copies (signed) of the books, and the runner-up gets two digital copies (or coupons to for free download).

So click on through, and enter to win.  Almost 30 books of ass-kickin' power-chicks is no prize to thumb your nose at. :)  Good luck!

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