Saturday, April 12, 2014

Some 'refreshing'

I deleted my Facebook account recently, along with all of its pages. And yes, it was a drastic thing to do. But I Miranda Mayer needed a refreshing. A new 'Like' page was in order, something freshly made, with none of my randomness all over it. It's a given that authors can be themselves on social media, but to a point. When my arguments on religion and politics start to take over where the books leave off, we have a problem. So a fresh start is in order! So please like my new page. I dropped hundreds of likes by doing this and need to rebuild!

So like my new page and click HERE!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What's new?

Hello all. I've been a bit preoccupied by the Portland Wizard World Comic Con, and then life itself, which also tends to take over. Especially for new(ish) moms.  The Wizard King has had its release and it is being received very well. I hope it continues! I have a few projects on the fire including book 3 of the Trilogy of Tinna; Tinna's Reign, which is being padded out and revised before I send it to be edited.

The third and final cover by Abigail Larson. :)
The second project i'm working on, but is at present only about a 1/4 written is the House of Black. It is a story of a little witch by the name of Kimber and her battle to save her sisters and her house from attack by an ancient enemy.

Long before the days of old,
When ic-ed skies bore naught but cold,
When crops did wither and war did rage,
Were born the saviours of this age.

Tamed the land, the beasts, the dead
Did light and dark and vibrant red.
Holders of the mother’s gift
From despair they did us lift.

But virtue ruled with golden mane
And enemies the three were named.
Driven into secrecy,
Were the mother’s gifted three.

Hunted by their very own,
The Gifted now must live unknown.
Gilded swords were raised to fight,
To end the Black, the Red, the White.
And finally, it's so new I haven't even begun to work on the cover, I am working on 'Wolven' -- which is not about werewolves, and also dabbling into the idea of another book for the Wizard King world.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Introducing The Wizard King!

A quiet, sheltered, passive girl, Ynith never suspected that the awkward young man she encountered in the library was none other than the Crown Prince Arnsword. Nor would she expect that this baleful character would set his sights upon her as the singular object of his undying affection. But what Ynith could never prepare herself for would be the cost of being loved by a man who is by all rights, evil. 

A powerful budding Wizard, Ynith’s beau is about to wreak havoc upon the world, and force Ynith to discover facets of herself that she finds terrifying, including dabbling in the magic she has deliberately avoided since childhood. 

 Must Ynith love this man or must she escape him to save herself, and ultimately, her world?

For sale on (and all other channels upon approval) Hard copy available on The Book Patch and other channels soon.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Finalizing the editing, formatting for print and eBook

The Wizard King is now in the final stages before it transforms from manuscript to book. Today, I sat down with my editing team, Two Girls Friday, and we went over the edits they proposed for the manuscript. The double set of eyes really helped to find a variety of problems, and what one might have missed, the other girl Friday caught.  They sat with me on Skype, and discussed the issues they had with continuity, repetitiveness, run-on blathering and so much more. They were absolutely amazing, and I am really fortunate to get both girls Friday to work together on my manuscript. I am now in the process of merging the two separate editings, and we'll be on our way!

The cover is also in process, the front is almost finalized, the back is in the works, and the whole thing will be ready for release on February 1, 2014 (with copies available for early release for the Wizard World Comic Con).

So that's my update for today. Please don't forget to enroll in the Dragons of Midwinter Fantasy Book Giveaway. You could not only win the Wizard King, but over 20 more wonderful Fantasy books as well.